Producing fine leathers since 1953

Tasman Tanning began as a family business in 1953 and from our humble beginnings we have grown to 280 staff producing high quality leathers for leading manufacturers around the world.

At home in Wanganui

A city steeped in creativity, innovation and nature

Our tannery is situated in the North Island of New Zealand, in the city of Wanganui where the Wanganui river flows out into the Tasman Sea. Wanganui is a city close to nature, with mountains, rivers and the sea all nearby and easily accessed. There is also a vibrant arts and innovation community, driven by students, artists and entrepreneurs.

100% Leather Dedicated

We are the only end-to-end leather business and the only finishing tannery in New Zealand and Australasia. We start with a great quality hide from strong, healthy New Zealand cattle. We can process 20,000 wet blue hides and 8,000 into finished leather per week. Our flexibility is such that we can meet the needs of boutique designers as well as large-scale manufacturers. Our ability to deliver is built on a tradition of craftsmanship, rigorous quality control, innovation and a spirit of partnership with our clients.


We innovate to introduce new methods. This is part of our 'nature'. For inspiration we look to the unique and beautiful natural environment we are so close to. We also listen to our clients, and work closely with them. Every year we visit the world’s fashion and design centres to study fashion trends, attend trade fairs and monitor industry publications. Our clients see the results in our seasonal fashion leathers.



We are comitted to the highest quality standards and take pride in the craftmanship of our finished leathers. We can create leather to your precise specifications on any scale, and also offer a large catalogue of quality leathers to choose from. Our clients value our honesty, reliability and that we are responsive to individual requirements; delivering quality leather on specification.

Innovation with quality

Forever changing to keep on top of our game

Our customers trust us to consistently deliver a high-quality leather product to meet the needs of boutique designers as well as large-scale manufacturers. Tasman’s commitment to innovation is backed by our modern tannery’s rigourous quality assurance standards; exploring new techniques and directions that we know will excite end-users and give our clients a point of difference.

A foundation of over 60 years experience

Our tannery’s 60 years of experience has seen our leathers used across a range of products.

Over the years we have paired technology with innovation and craftmanship to produce a broad range of leathers, at the highest quality standards, all confirmed by the most rigorous testing.

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