International airlines like Air New Zealand and Qantas have discovered the possibilities of customised solutions styled by our talented craftsmen working with the highest quality leather from New Zealand.

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The choice for Air New Zealand

The choice for Air NZ

When Air New Zealand wanted something out of the ordinary for the new world-class seats on their Airbus 320s, they chose Tasman to supply leather to the seat manufacturer in the US. We also supplied leather hides for Air New Zealand’s lie-flat Premium Business Class seats throughout its Boeing 777s, 787s and Dreamliners. Qantas also used our leathers for the Jetstar fleet.


Jodi Williams, Manager of Brand Experience, at Air New Zealand speaks of their experience

When we went out to market for a leather supplier we looked internationally and locally. We like to include New Zealand suppliers in the tender process where possible and locals (Tasman Tanning) had already been through the aviation process with Mount Cook Airlines, so we knew they could meet CAA and FAA standards.

The Tasman leather we saw was softer and more supple than what we had been exposed to from the US and Europe. We were confident we were buying top quality. They were also very competitive.

Tasman’s flexibility going through the process was also fantastic. They dyed the leather to our specifications to get the perfect match so the colours are exclusive to us. In combination with the seat manufacturers they’ve been able to include an interpretation of our koru pattern in the stitching on the leather.

"We wanted something quite different. The A320 was the beginning of our first design overhaul in 10 years. We wanted to make a real statement."

Jodi Williams, Manager, Brand Experience, Air New Zealand

Meeting all FAA technical

Working with manufacturers in Europe and the USA we meet all FAA technical standards required by the aviation industry.

Fire testing and approval is carried out as an Airbus Approved Leather Supplier, complying to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

Fire testing and Approvals include:

FAA Regulation 25.853 (a) Appendix F Part One (Vertical Flame Testing)
FAA Regulation 25-853 (b) Appendix F Part Two ‘C’
Burn, Combination ‘Kerosene Oil Burner’ Testing
Airbus Directive ABD0031 (Smoke Density and Toxicity Testing)
Airbus Approved Leather Supplier
Testing carried out in compliance with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.

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