This waterproof leather is protected throughout the entire fibre structure with our Pro-tec process. This means low water absorption, waterproof, and durable leathers.

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We have three main styles of Pro-tec leathers - oiled and waxed, nubuck and coated leathers. We test our leathers to a high quality standard before they leave the factory.

We use the internationally recognised Maeser Test to guarantee waterproof standards. Maeser Testing indicates the water resistance of shoe upper leather, replicating the flexing conditions similar to those in the front part of a shoe during walking.

International water resistance guidelines show that a Maeser Test of between 5,000 – 10,000 flex provides moderate resistance, while greater than 25,000 produces excellent water resistance.

We maintain high quality standards and our PRO-TEC leathers are required to reach a minimum of 20,000 flex before they leave our factory.

Oiled and waxed

Waterproof leathers with distinctive oiled and waxed finishes

This range of waterproof leathers come as either smooth full grain leather or as mill appearance leathers that have a natural, textured look.  Aquapel is a smooth full grain leather and features a moderate oil pull-up and a mellow handle. Latte is a milled pull up leather with a soft silky handle. Tracker is a milled two-tone leather with an embossed snuffed grain.

Nubuck leathers

Waterproof nubuck leathers styles within Pro-tec range

There are five finishes available within the waterproof nubuck leather range. Nubuck is a plain waterproof nubuck with a fine nap. Huntsman is an embossed oil/waxed nubuck with a tumbled effect. Mammoth is a dyed oil/wax nu buck with a fine nap that can burnish. Colt is a smooth-polished nap with an oil/wax finish and a mellow feel. Harley is an oiled nubuck with a mellow handle and pronounced nap.

Finished leathers

Coated leathers are waterproof and the colours are consistent

This type of waterproof leather provides the best consistency with colour during the waterproofing process. Typhoon is a smooth-grained leather with a full finish and a waxy touch. Turin is a lightly-finished full-grain leather with a mellow handle. Rio is a lightly-finished full-grain with a mellow/soft handle.

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